13 August 2011

Post-an-Accent Meme

Okayyyy. I thought I spoke like about everyone else here. Maybe I don't sound normal and unaccented like all the people on the video?? Missouri is pretty standard... I think I talk like these people... But I was talking with a friend I "met" through the blogs and had corresponded with for awhile for the first time today. She said I didn't speak as she thought I would. Later she told me I sounded a bit Southern, even. I thought that was strange and I told everyone so at dinner. My husband asked, "Well, where is she from?" and I told him New York. D said well, that figures, everyone is Southern to those people. "Unless we're talking about someone from Maine or Canada," piped in Patrick. G said that when he went to Ohio, people said his accent was Southern. Well, now, I don't reckon we speak like Sandy Cheeks, but for the rest of the meal? The children seemed to be in some sort of contest for "most outrageous and fake Southern accent." It wuz plum cray-zee, y'all. :) Or maybe YOU should post a representative video of "how people talk around here." Let's see what you post. Leave a link in the comments so others can visit!!


  1. To me (from Colorado) everyone here sounds like they have a strong Southern accent (although I've heard much stronger from other parts of the South). But the second I'd hear them, no question they are from the South. I think the accent from the Western U.S. is quite similar to Western Canada (with a few minor differences) and is much more uniform over a larger area than are other regional accents from the U.S.

    Lynne Diligent

  2. We'll, I don't think you have a Southern drawl.. but maybe I have also been down South too long. Tell me if my NYC accent is gone. See my new CERT TV spot on KP Channel 96 here -- http://kingspointsuncitycenter.com/communitychannel.html

  3. LOL... I'm sure MY ACCENT would stump the lot of you!
    Nothing 'American' about me that's for sure.
    And one day I will probably do a video of me talking... mabye!

  4. Thank you, Lynne! So that's another vote (overall) for Southern.

    Hi, Dad! I looked at your video - anyone reading here who wants to see that, go to the above link... then to the "channel 96" part of the website and SCROLL down the left side to the CERT/emergency preparedness video.

    IMO, Dad, your New York accent is not very strong BUT you are not speaking with a Southern accent quite, either. More like the edges of your NY accent are clipped or toned a bit and if I may say so, your inflection/cadence is a little different... maybe because it is for the camera... you seem almost outgoing. :)

  5. Chris, you've gotta do it! A nice long one where you talk about something. :)

  6. LOL! Glad you at least got entertainment during dinner out of my comment. :D And, as I said before, it's just precious how you say "y'all". Also, when you say 'Yay!' there is just a little bit of a southern twang to it for me. Very, very cute!

    Thank you again for taking the time to call me. Mesns so much. You are just the sweetest!

  7. It's funny... I always imagine people talking in an Australian accent!! LOL
    One day I'll have to post a short clip of one of our family conversations... xx

  8. I'm so obviously Southern it's not funny.

  9. Blondee, glad you are doing so well and yes, your comment did entertain us!!

    Elissa, it would be closer to imagine us talking as the people in the video do... Do pop back with a link and share it with me when you have it!! :)

    Apples, I hope you post a link sometime. I don't know what it is on TV but New Yorkers are the bad guys and the Southerners are just stupid. I think (SERIOUSLY!!) we need NORMAL people on the news with all different accents.

  10. As a native New Yorker, that was VERY southern. As someone who lived in GA for over a decade, that was normal. Loved the way he said "DeeeCember".

    You don't have to go far for your accent to be foreign. Six hours upstate from Yonkers, NY in Rochester, my "accent" was mocked heavily.... Just because I thought they were talking about my dad when they asked what kind of "pop" (soda, or coke) I wanted, and everything I said "Birfday" people would crack up.

  11. Yes, it's POP! "Soda" now sounds so weird. And "oil" has somewhere between two and three syllables. :)


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