06 September 2011

Ideas Welcome

SO many posts that never got published. I think I deleted about 47 drafts today. They include such never-to-be-seen classics as "The Water Buffalo" and "The Sexy." Well, they're lost, lost, lost forever. And that's a good thing. But I've also been peeking over my search results to find out more about what YOU would like to read. I'm reasoning that the most-searched stuff is the stuff you most want to read about, right?? Here are some of the searches that bring new readers to my blog:

vision forum secret underwear
pumpkin plant flowers
used boys' underware
maggots in hair

Is this what you-all are here for? Eee, well, sorry about not entertaining you more.

Ok. So, I'm open to ideas for blog posts. I can't say I'll do them all (esp. if you want to read "The Sexy." I'm sorry, it's just *gone.* Deleted. No more Sexy.) but it would be interesting to see what you-all are curious about.

Oh, what do *I* like reading on other blogs? It depends on the blog, but mostly I like people who can blog snarky but not mean, people who can show me part of their lives (whatever they're doing) and I also like places with lotsa comments, but not so many that I feel I'd better not disagree with the "host" or I will be eaten alive. Oh yeahhh. I thought I'd send you over to Tracey's to read a blog post just because I thought this was a good 'un. :)


  1. I like reading bits about what's going on in your lives too, snarky without being mean is good, but post after post after post about how bad things are happening, whinge, whinge, whinge, that puts me off. Or post after post after post of brand pushing.

  2. Yeahhh, unless it's someone I know isn't usually a downer it puts me off too. I do appreciate friends sharing their hard times tho'.

    The brand pushing thing makes me click away in less than 10 seconds. I like an occasional giveaway and am excited for someone else getting a product to review, but when that's the whole blog I kinda go um, do you want to just pass around the tip jar for *this* writing??

  3. Sharing your life, your perspectives, how you react and feel about what is happening to you and yours.

    That's what keeps me coming back to see how your family is going.

  4. I enjoy it when you talk about your family, because hearing about Woodjie reminds me of Ben ten years ago. Our kids are different in the same way.

    I like when you expose "crazy"...like that link to Tracey's post...eh, maybe I don't like it that much, but one needs to hear it so as to "discern" it.

    You tell stories and you make people feel like you are talking to them.


Non-troll comments always welcome! :)