30 October 2011

Crazy Comment Monday!

Crazy Comment Monday!

 "I think that, as a subject, there is this something that only an older generation has and the young people do not possess. It is because they lived that much more. We should respect them and learn from them," says Gaichi Kono.  I mean, you could learn sooo much from the old man who has been cast in the film he directed.  It's called "Forbidden Elder Care."

Yyeah.  Scrub that.

Apparently, the old-fashioned bad girl at school theme isn't interesting in porno land any more and there is an entire "old man" collection of films.  And the market for them is described as "bullish."  Ew.  It's all in Japanese, though, so I don't know how well it translates.



In other news, have you ever felt like committing suicide by jumping into a large body of water and letting bunches of worms crawl out of you?  Just asking.

And now for an "Overheard at My House" part of the post.  That's right, crazy stuff that has to happen while poor D is in charge!  Are you sure you want to keep reading?  Poor D.   He's feeling very sick, has already been to the doctor and gotten shots and antibiotics, and is considering visiting again next week.  Do you know how sick most guys have to be to do that?  Aww.

D has been puttering about the house, muttering things like, "but I just did laundry," grumble grumble, and "I just got done feeding everyone and cleaning up after the last mess, and now it's time for them to eat again..." and so on.  He also has discovered that I pay bills a little oddly.  "What is up with giving the credit card company $2,000?  We didn't spend $2,000!"  Sigh.  All my methods are now being questioned.  I have to write my checks with even dollar amounts, you see, as it bothers me to put in the odd pennies and transcribe all those numbers.  Just easier to write bunches of zeroes!  D is a bit outraged because if I spent $1,002 under my system, the credit card company would get $2,000 the next month.  I think that's ok though, because then the next bill won't be so high, right?


  1. If you send the credit card company more than they need, doesn't that leave less available cash in your bank account? So that you then have to use your credit card when you could be using cash?

    I much prefer to use cash, because then I know when I've reached my spending limit.
    No cash? No spending.

  2. I use almost only credit cards because I don't like carrying zillions of bucks worth of cash around. It costs a LOT to feed the family, or think what a shoe-shopping trip might run. So even though I'm not rich, I could be spending bundles at any one given time. Especially on stuff like car repair!

    Financially for us, it makes MORE sense to use the credit card because we get hundreds of dollars in kickbacks/coupons we could use on clothing. As long as you pay the entire balance right then, these companies LOSE money big time by having you as a customer. They are just counting on your not being able to pay it all off that month and then they got-ya. :)

  3. The credit card companies make money many different ways ... 1) from the user who may be charged for "Mafia" like loans (having a balance) 2) By charging the company that takes the credit cards 3) By giving them too much ... which is I would rather not do.

    Yes, laundry and cleaning up after dinner are not my favorite ... but preparing the meals is ok.

    As for feeling sick ... it is not new as I have been feeling pretty sick for the last year or so. Just the added sore throat is not welcomed at this time.

    Get well soon ... and chat with ya later ... but you really begged me for a comment!

    -- Hubby

  4. Yayyy, I just got another comment! Thanks, D! :)

    And... I hate preparing meals. Peanut butter sandwiches it is! Cleanup is not so bad.

  5. When I used credit cards, I always overpaid... if there was a balance. It gets paid off faster that way. But if you don't have a balance, I would suck it up and keep my zeros...

  6. Yup, that's what D is saying. I am always afraid of transcribing numbers, though, and underpaying by a dime. Then I'd be charged $50,000 in interest. Well, not quite, but you get what I'm saying.


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