29 October 2011

Does This Guy Deserve a Punch?

At first, I thought that the guy was out of hand for punching the obnoxious dude in the local Target.  But my husband made me think about it from a different perspective:  these people were obviously disabled, minding their own business, and some guy comes around and farts in the lady's face not once but twice without provocation of any kind.  And they're running around videoing it and thinking it's funny.  The husband comes out swinging and nearly got arrested for battery.  But what if he did nothing?  What if they just sat there and dealt with the unpleasantness?  Bet you they would be up for more and more "farting" in the face and all kinds of nasty treatment.  If they called the police or store security, think anyone would do anything about it?  Of course they wouldn't!  So, these folks had a choice: be victims, and get ready for more bullying, or slug the dude and hope ya don't go to jail.  I don't know.  This video is obviously up for everyone's mocking pleasure in any event.  There ought to be some sort of rule against videoing and broadcasting people who are minding their own business like that, but I guess there isn't because it's a public place.  Still.  It just doesn't seem right that the video is up; unlike those TV "hidden camera" silly videos, they likely don't have the permission of the people being taped.


  1. I feel sure if that lady had been me Stew would have up and punched the guy too!
    What an ignorant, nasty thing to do to that lady!

  2. If punching is the first step to ending this type of childish prank for distribution and viewing - then I am all for it!

  3. He could have chosen a better target. As it stood, it looked to this protective husband as though this guy was harassing his disabled wife. Under the circumstances, this was simply not funny.

    I can't think of a husband worth his salt who wouldn't have at least spoken up. (Mine would have asked him to stop first. Then stood up and confronted him. Hitting him would have been way down his list of actually practiced problem solving techniques, but I promise you it would have been his first instinct).

  4. And there is the best arguement ever for a jolly good spanking! Seriously, I thought it would be kids but these are young men. Old enough to know better. Old enough to know how disrespectful they were being. Pity mum & dad didn't do their job properly.


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