06 October 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes!

Well, here's the "before" picture.  Emperor kept getting snapped at about his "froggies" showing.  BUT Emperor said that no matter HOW TIGHT he makes his belt, his pants don't stay on!  He's having a lot of trouble with this!!  Well.  It could be because 1. the belt is not in the belt loops, 2. the button is broken, and... 3. the zipper is broken.  To complete this ratty picture?  There are gaping holes in the knees that have been patched with old denim jean pockets.  BUT! Now Emperor has some new clothes.  My chess mom friend Laurie has given me three bags full of really niiice clothes.  I was really happy but Emperor?  I wish you could have seen that little kid dance and ask several times whether the clothes were "for absolutely free."  Next time the kid shows up at the club he will be looking "gangsta."  (That is, I suppose, what young people say when they mean "snazzy.")  
Part of Emperor's haul.  Some was rushed upstairs for immediate use after bath.
Emperor was impressed that there were brand names in his stuff.  This brand is "guy swinging a vacuum." He has seen it somewhere else before.


  1. "Guy swinging a vacuum!" HA!

    I love it when people with few kids give us their lightly used, well made clothing. Definitely a cause for excitement!!

  2. "Guy swinging a vacuum" is very funny!
    Free clothes are the best kind, especially when they're still good for years of wear.

  3. Free clothes as the best!! Way to score Emperor!

  4. Okay, swinging the vacuum is brilliant!!! LOL!

  5. My kids love getting clothes too!


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