07 October 2011

The New Clothes

Elf took some special pains to be presentable in this picture.  He put on an extra swoop of deodorant and has done his hair himself.  I am not allowed to touch his hair or even get close to him until the picture is taken, he tells me.  Emperor will let me hug him, and he didn't bother to comb his hair (he has to be reminded, and I forgot).  The picture, he says, is all about the shirt so the rest of that stuff doesn't matter. 


  1. Ha! Kids can be so beautifully quirky!

  2. Very spiffy...and I like the hair! ;) Just like on the runway, if it's about the models hair, no one notices the clothes. lol

  3. They are just too adorable - and Elf would probably hate me for saying that!

    Why is it that when boys get to this cute self-conscious stage, where you just want to pinch their cheeks, they suddenly won't let you get near them with a ten foot pole? The little guy who was my clingy boy, who couldn't go to sleep without touching my hair now will barely suffer a peck on the cheek! Sigh. I know it's all healthy and good (don't want any Oedipus complexes around here, believe me!), but still... a bit sad for Mom! :o)


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