29 October 2011

The Spoon

We don't really use it...
A dear friend in New Zealand sent us a decorative wooden spoon.  It's handpainted with a native flower and a city name.  I can't really use it; it looks like it is for show.

I thought about it for a fair while.  I was a bit reluctant to put it up and Emperor asked why.  Well, I've read far too many blogs and the like where the parents beat their kids with wooden spoons and then hang the spoons up as a reminder to the children that the next whoopin' is conveniently reachable by Mom 'n Dad.  So that's why.

"Are you SERIOUS?" he asked. (Is his voice starting to change? Because it just cracked.)  "People hit their kids with spoons?  And then put them on the wall?  Like, which people and what are their names?"

Well, I never said the world was normal.  Sigh. But I wound up hanging up the spoon.  I mean, it's a cute souvenir.  I shouldn't be afraid that random people are going to think I am beating my children with decorative objects just because OTHER people beat THEIR children with decorative objects, right?  I should be able to enjoy this just because it makes me happy to think about my friend when I look at it in the kitchen.

There it is.  Not long after, I overheard Emperor explain to someone about "beatings with wooden spoons."  Sometimes I think I should just never explain anything to anybody.


  1. I'm thinkin'...shadowbox. If it's NOT readily accessible, no one can possibly think you use it for that purpose, right?

    Then again, they might think you're giving it a place of honor for being so effective.

    Not that you should worry about what other people think. ;0)

  2. Ha Ha, the wooden spoon.
    I gave an extremely large wooden spoon (about 3 feet long)to a friend once as a christmas gift. He said to his daughter, jokingly of course, "a bum whacker! Bend over, we'll see if it works..."
    Then he hung it on the wall of the outside barbecue area.
    Another friend glued her decorative spoon to the kitchen drawer that held all of her "working" spoons.

  3. I used to be smacked with a wooden spoon.
    I had one for my kids too... but I never used it ON them, I just thumped it on the table for effect!
    Who sent you that lovely spoon?
    I'm sure it wasn't me!

  4. We stole and destroyed anything my parents used for spankings. Too bad we couldn't destroy the bushes outside used for switches. Should have burned it down.... We probably deserved the spankings. (kidding)

  5. We have a churchy (zealot) friend who does just this! And until she told us why the huge spoon looked so worn and was hanging in their uuber fancy schmancy home, I honestly had no idea that people hit kids with spoons like that. She said that 18 years ago she and her husband prayed on how God would want them to spank their child and their own church advocates the old spoon...so maybe that's another reason I avoid church! lol

    I wouldn't think you would use a cutesy spoon to whack the littles, though. I mean, who wants to marr up a great little painted spoon on little people?


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