17 November 2011

Big Family Barf Bonanza!

It's a bonanza, I tell you!  Read this post and join the fun.  I considered adding Mr. Linky, but I don't know if I'm up to reading the entries I'd get...

Well, we thought Woodjie just had a little tummy bug or ate the wrong thing yesterday.  Of course little did we know what was coming up next.

Emperor started in on it when I was on the way to see the surgeon for a follow-up.  Here we are in the hospital elevator and RETCH! just like that, chunking it up out of nowhere, there he goes.  We made a beeline for the bathroom when the doors finally opened, and I got a pink kidney-shaped tray from the receptionist after giving her numerous apologies.  Drove him home and back to the appointment I went.  Yes, I had the custodians called.  What can you do.  At least he didn't make it into the waiting room where everyone is getting prepped for surgery.  I would have felt awful if that happened.  I know how nervous I get before surgery about "people with germs."
Appointment souvenir.

I'm fine, by the way.  No lifting ever, ever again, but I am fine.  I was worried about maybe having popped another hernia (there was much crying last night) but it turns out this is just weird scar tissue.  Another appointment in a couple of weeks.  Well, that does it for all the school testing Emperor was going to do this afternoon.  He doesn't even GO to school and I had to call him in sick.  :)  He has literally been in and out of the bathroom/bed until five minutes ago. 

As I was washing Rose's hands after dinner, she told me her tummy hurt.  Ten minutes later, it was chicken salad container time for her.  Then Patrick was down.  D is informing me that he feels ill as well.  Just as a conversation piece, it is called the "Flyin' Hawaiian" when you get sick on both ends as you switch from squatting facing one way and the other way, like those surfers hopping about.  Picturesque, is it not?

Elf and I sat together alone and watched a movie together.  It was nice to be away from all those horrid germs.  After the movie, I said good night to Elf, gave him hugs and snuzzles and he went upstairs.

And vomited.

Oh yay, what a night!

Do you want to know what Emperor did when he finally got out of bed?  Oh yeah, brought down all his blankets, came up RIGHT NEXT TO ME, and told me that he didn't want to catch everybody's germs.


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry you are all ill. I hope it's just a temporary bug and you are all much better soon... like tomorrow morning!

  2. So your house is the isolation ward this week? How awful that you've all got this bug except you. I hope it passes as quickly as it came.

  3. I feel queasy just reading about it!!! Prayers coming your way!

  4. We have had one of those. We all laid in the hallway by the bathrooms. It was horrible!

    I hope you remain the last man standing and that it doesn't get you!

  5. It's called SHARING the love... or bugs!
    I hope by now everyone is getting over it!

  6. Oh, yeah, I can so picture everything you postd, even the Flyin' Hawaiian (I've performed that on many an occasion but these days I grab a bucket as my joints don't do the surfing moves so fast lol).
    Hope you're all better soon xxx

  7. Oh, so sorry about this. The only thing worse than having it would be having to clean it all up.


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