19 November 2011

I Lived!

Shortly after posting the last entry, of course, I became quite ill.  It was very bad there for a while.  Everyone was sick all at once.  I was in bed most of the time and surprisingly D was able to hold down the whole fort between the throwing up and, um, other stuff that happens during sickness.

Anyway.  I hope you will consider voting for this entry: http://apps.facebook.com/promosapp/181517/entry/215243?=f2i5hk

...in the MathTacular contest.  Just click the link and then click "vote for this entry" underneath.  You could even do this once a day!  Please?  Thanks.


  1. Voted, blogged it, Fb'd it and would tell the neighbors, too...but cannot stomach the thought of them.

    Glad you are feeling better and that Donald is still the MAN for looking out for the whole crew!!

  2. So glad you lived! You probably felt like you were dying.....
    I would miss reading your posts.
    Hooray for D holding things together.

  3. such a shame everyone got so sick!
    Do you know why? A bug going around?

  4. I'm not sure what's up. It's not in the news, this flu, but lots of people are down. Have heard of a new swine flu that travelled from Pennsylvania to Iowa and we're in that path (highway-wise anyway). No one is really saying much about it but I do know it is not covered by the shots this year. It's pretty bad and I'm just thankful everyone is ok. :)


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