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The NEW Homeschool Room!

Thank you, D, for all your hard work.
D and I have now been married for 19 1/2 years.  I don't think we've ever had a television much bigger than a laptop screen in all that time.  Until now.  G and D spent the entire weekend making trips to Sam's Club and the hardware store, moving things about and setting the new television up.  D took particular care to have a very heavy un-topplable stand.  It takes two strong men to move and topple, it will not.  The new television is bolted to the back of this.

Nearby are a reproduction of an old family photo and my Egyptian Pharoah.  D likes that he can see the elephant (now partially covered, oh well) and all is cozy.  THIS is the perfect nook for Emperor to watch his Latin lessons and do his schoolwork when he is not working on his mathematics or chess on the computer.  The basket on the VCR is for Emperor to keep homeschool-specific DVDs so that he doesn't have to rummage through the entire collection that will soon fill the shelves. 

(As a quick aside, I want to let you know that Emperor is also reviewing MathTacular and YOU can get a free DVD by entering the video contest the Sonlight company is holding.  Sonlight is a Christian company, but I have found MathTacular to be entirely secular and would recommend it to anyone regardless of their religious affiliation.  I'm NOT being compensated to tell you this; I just genuinely think you would enjoy their product.  We're still finishing our entry.)

See Emperor's notebook on the coffee table?  All of his notebooks have Hello Kitty designs, or are plastered with Hello Kitty stickers.  I got the table for $20 at a garage sale.  I actually probably overspent considering that it is a very 70's looking style and was wearing in some places.  But it has to weigh about 100-odd pounds and is not something I am worried about breaking with every little bump or scratch.  I don't know why but I enjoy it very much.  When the children were smaller they would enjoy crawling through the ends like a tunnel.  Even Rose is a bit big to do this now.

What they are big enough to do is sit reasonably still for about 20 minutes after bathtime while Dad finishes cooking dinner.  What I had always done after catching the bus and giving children baths was to put out sandwiches or Pop-Tarts.  Dad can cook spaghetti or frozen pizza.  D's cleaning standards are not quite the same as mine, but the children are well-fed, the dishes and clothes are washed regularly, and... the plumbing has been fixed.

For those of you who have known our family's struggles with plumbing, you'll know how huge this event really is.  I'm really impressed at how well he has run the house.  He has even rescued the laptop I'm blogging on from "paperweight" status.  Somehow I infected it with a virus.  Sorry about that.

Here I had just been blogging about the perfect homeschool room and I am finding that different rooms seem to be ideal for certain subjects, and I have no one set homeschool room at all.


  1. Bravo to Donald!
    It must be great to have a new big TV!

  2. The TV setup looks very nice.

  3. Actually, research says that doing your learning all in one place makes it harder for you to remember. If you study in different spots, subtle differences in the background get coded with the memory, making it stronger. :o)

  4. I was super excited by this post... and that was before I saw the mention of MathTacular. That's when I couldn't take it anymore and did a little happy dance [grin].

    Looks fantastic! I built our TV stand thingy, so I appreciate the amount of work this kind of project can be. May it serve you well!


  5. awww.... that's so awesome D is taking care of the family and setting things. We have a big screen to but, sheesh, it's hard to share it because of the videos and all the fun stuff you can do on the xbox.

  6. This is awesome. We have a similar hookup as our tv has a computer attached to it, and a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is a seriously high-tech, homeschool set up. Throw some hints at D for that one. You'd really like it.

    ps. Also married 19 1/2 years!

  7. What a wonderful thing D has done. Stepping in and taking care of you AND the crew, maintaining laundry, meals, cleaning...and upgrading the entertainment as well?

    The man has upped his game. ;)

  8. Something told me you would be taken care of. You are a very loving person and what goes around comes around. I imagine your whole family wants to see you happy!

    When I taught school full time, one year, Joel had to help a lot, too. I think he appreciated me a lot more after that. We've been married 31 years. A old lady told me once, it's like old shoes, you just get comfortable and just don't want to go look for a new pair.

    Glad you are getting better.



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