02 December 2011

Beowulf Movie

Presently, Emperor is up to the part where (we've been warned about six times already) Beowulf is about to die.  Beowulf is having an IRON shield fashioned because he reasons the wooden ones would just burn.  Um, do these people not know about metal conducting heat?  Guess not.  The dragon has only to breathe on these mail-clad men for a nice, evenly toasted meal.  But no matter; it's a good story.  Here is an interesting youtube take on the classic.  The part with Herot being a party castle is actually TRUE to the story.  These are things I missed the first time; all that mead-drinkin' and partying, the gold roof, all that.  In the actual story, I love how Grendel and Beowulf are locked in a deadly battle but the author pauses to admire the metalwork on the walls.  Yeahh.  Though I am not nerdy enough to memorize the prologue in Old English as I see several others have done. 


  1. Grandpa Jim used to read this (and Idylls of the King and the Song of Roland) as bedtime stories. I'm still afraid to fall asleep! :)

  2. Beowolf is a movie I've never yet seen, haven't even read the book. I should rememdy that ASAP, I like stories with fire breathing dragons in them.


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