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Should Inter-racial Couples be Allowed in Church?

A church in Kentucky voted to disallow inter-racial couples from becoming members or joining the worship team.  And good for them, because I want to know up front what everyone is really thinking rather than this "Jesus loves everybody" stuff and then get surprised later.   Go ahead and ream me in the comments, but seriously.  It woulda saved me a lot of time and trouble if "we don't really like autistic people" were posted in some church entryways over the years.  (Here's the article.  And no, I'm not saying it's nice, or that I agree with it.) 

My question:  why is the white father of the young woman in the ruckus still serving as church secretary?  Are jobs that scarce in this economy that he's waiting to find another before he leaves?  Is he staying and hoping that he can make some positive change?  Is he staying so he can somehow sue corporate (oh, headquarters, whatever they call it)?  Why did any of these people stay long enough to be voted about?  I'm thinking brush the dust off your feet and move on.


  1. You watch: headquarters will tell the church to change the policy or find a new church name. I still wouldn't want to go there knowing what they thought about me and my family.

  2. >>> I'm thinking brush the dust off your feet and move on. <<<

    Absolutely love this answer!

    WWJD, Who would Jesus diss??

  3. The Dad's days are probably numbered at that church. I am with you, I'd rather you tell me you are racist (or even act it) so I am not walking around with "that uncomfortable feeling" that I can't put my finger on.

  4. People make me sad. Especially those who hide behind the confines of doing "God's work".

  5. I saw this on Yahoo news this morning, and was so saddened. Yes, we all know that racism is alive and well, but to see this coming from a church is just sickening.

    I know that racism against Asians isn't nearly as bad, but my husband feels uncomfortable in Georgia when we go home to visit sometimes - not in Atlanta, but when we visit relatives or go to do something in a more rural area we get stares - particularly from white men - and, not the friendly, interested kind. I can only imagine how much harder it is for a black/white couple. :o(

  6. I just read this story and it gave me a shudder
    my ex would agree with you, he always said he preferred the south to the north because in the south he knew who hated him

    there was a poll on Huffington and 60% said that racism is still alive and well in this country

    whole thing makes me sad
    hell, I have a DIL that won't acknowledge her child has black roots, I'll never forget her Mom thanking God that Hope looked white

  7. I saw this yesterday and was glad to see that their national organization has published a statement that affirms interracial couples as "accepted, and respected by their congregations."

    But, if I were an interracial or multiracial family I would want to know this right up front. You know instead of people being outwardly nice and then preaching something ridiculous like affirming Pat Robbertson's take on the Haiti earthquake and it being a punishment for sins of past generations pact with the devil -- which is historically incorrect and theologically. (Ezekiel 18)

    So, let your racism shine so that I know to keep far, far away.

    I don't know how that father can even begin to consider staying a member of that church.

  8. "Should Inter-racial couples be allowed in Church?"
    Why the heck not?
    They're just the same as any other people.
    Wasn't it God Himself who made the different races?
    Who are we to turn them away from His House just because they look different!!

  9. Thank you for posting this, Christine. It is shocking to me, especially since I live in Southern California, where more of my friends are in interracial marriages than aren't, and my closest friends are of a number of different races! I simply don't see prejudice against interracial couples here. It's good for me to remember that there are still places in this country that people are completely and utterly backwards.

  10. I don't know how that church can get away with that!
    It's dreadful... and not at all CHRISTIAN.
    We are all the same.
    No matter what colour or handicap.


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