17 February 2012


I sure wouldn't appreciate if YOU took my picture while I was sleeping and posted it on the internet.  Somehow, though, the cuteness factor makes it all morally OK.  Miss Rose no longer falls asleep on the couch downstairs with Woodjie and has Dad carry her up around 11:30 pm.  Mom insisted:  new room, new routine.  (Bad enough Woodjie has such horrific troubles with bedtime; we had gotten into the habit of letting Rose do what Woodjie does.)  But now, we brush her teeth, read a book, and then Rose is free to read books in her own bed and turn out the light herself when she is ready.  :)


  1. What a sweet photo. Falling asleep with a good book in your hands is one of life's pleasures.

  2. Ah .. the Potter books! Very nice :)

  3. New room, new routine. I like that!
    She looks very sweet, sleeping there.

  4. What a little angel~ this is so sweet.


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