12 May 2012


Long story short, AT&T has put us through the wringer.  D asked for "updated" internet service and wouldn't you know, we got about 10 "confirmation" calls per day throughout the week to remind us that the technician would be by today. 

Then the technician came by, messed up our internet for about six hours and left us with ZERO phone service!  And a long wire in the back yard (no one can go back there, really, until this is fixed) and a tale about how our entire yard must be dug up and bla bla bla.

We can't use our telephone.  Mud is all over the house.  D is FURIOUS.  He has signed a year-long contract with these people and figured out that the unlimited service he thought he'd get is really limited.  He's 42 and has a college education, people, and he's not easily duped.  He can contact no one to answer his questions.  The best response he got from the technician who was by is good luck/ try calling Monday/ have a nice night, sir.

So.  If I don't return your phone calls and/or emails or whatever for a bit here, no hard feelings ok?  I have a feeling that the millisecond our contract is up, someone else will be getting our business.


  1. Oh Dear!
    It has always been my experience the Internet, cable tv, and related phone service only can fail on weekends .. and can't be repaired until Monday; at the earliest.
    Anyway, relax ... you must have some internet to post this.. so I assume you have Skype available for some calls.
    Try and have a nice Mothers Day and check out the competing Internet providers in the Sunday paper :)

  2. wow, that stinks! my mom has them for cell phone and she's always dropping calls...Red's parents had one of their technicians out to work on their stuff and they had to use his parents Verizon cell phone to make a call, lol! plus they're after us for some money since they wouldn't cancel our internet when we moved back in 2008 and decided to continue charging us...NOT A GOOD COMPANY!!

  3. I used Clear for our internet provider and they work great. We used to have AT&T, but they were throwing us through WAY to many loops. I recommend Clear though, they work great for our internet service.


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