12 May 2012

New Bed!!

We finally upgraded from the toddler bed!  Woodjie had to sleep all curled up in his toddler bed.  It has been "time" to get a bigger bed for a while, and we finally found something sturdy that didn't cost a billion dollars.  Naturally when one gets a new bed?  New bedding is needed, too!  Super Mario time!  Woodjie loves his new big boy bed.  We are still working on that whole falling asleep in a bed thing, though.  I snapped a photo to show you what the new setup looks like.  D does not trust bunk beds, so Elf, Emperor and Woodjie barely fit in their room. :)


  1. Cool bed Woodjie!

    You are a way nicer mom than I am. No characters. I am not changing your bedroom set when you begin to obsess over something new.

  2. I love Woodjie's new bed! I've always loved sturdy wooden frames.
    I had bunks for my boys, but they were very sound sleepers so I knew they were safe. They slept like logs, not even tossing and turning.

  3. Very nice. Is it a rule that the smallest guy gets the biggest bed:) ?
    Have a Happy Mothers Day!

  4. When we lived in Navy housing, we squeezed a family of eight into a three bedroom house with one bathroom. Four girls in one room: one bunkbed, one twin, and a roll away cot (which did have a mattress) in the middle. Of all the rooms in the house, the dog chose ours to have puppies. LOL

  5. Woo hooo to a new bed, and I think the boys room looks lovely... they don't need lots of room in a bedroom any way!


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