04 May 2012

Braces Are On!

This is what is going on inside Emperor's mouth AFTER the tooth extraction.  Imagine a huge pair of teeth there with roots that go way up.  Ok, it's still a mess, isn't it?  I have a feeling poor Emperor is not going to be finished after his crossbite is alleviated.
But yay!  The braces are on and Emperor chose purple covers for his brackets.  He goes back at the end of the month for a tightening-up.
Woodjie got a vaccine.  He is very angry about it.  He said it hurt and "it not nice!" that they did that to him.
Rose can write part of her name!  This is an excerpt.  Note the typewriter-style lower case "a."  Emperor still writes like that.  I don't know why that isn't taught in schools but is mostly a teen girl thing.  To my mind, lower case "a" and "o" are too similar when printed by hand most of the time.


  1. Love the purple braces! My grand daughter chose a different colour every time she had hers tightened and one week she came home with a whole rainbow of colours.
    Poor Woodjie, but it was necessary and the pain will be gone soon. Probably never forgotten though.

  2. Purple brackets are very cool!! Yay for Rose on the writing her name and poor Woodjie, yep, those sure do hurt. :/

  3. Whoa! That is some crazy looking x-ray!


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