06 May 2012


Moving Stuff.

We're getting a new couch delivered next week and so G wants our old couch in his room.  It would take up about 8/10 of the room.  But everything in G and Patrick's room must be moved about so that the couch doesn't block the entrance and lead to death in the event of a fire and other nitpicky stuff like that.  So they are moving everything about and vacuuming.  Getting honest about a few things they really don't need any more and pitching some odds and ends.  G wanted everything done now, now, now and Patrick was more of a mind to think of an exact plan and pace the work.

It's mostly done.  And now, we're going to have to try to keep the room neat until it's time for the new couch.  The upstairs couch will go downstairs and the downstairs couch will go into Patrick and G's room.  Then we hopehopehope the new couch I ordered will fit in the front room upstairs.  Why measure and make life less exciting?

Inexplicable Stuff.

My Little Pony.  My older sons are watching My Little Pony.  I'm serious.  There is a whole series of episodes on YouTube and they are watching them.  Voluntarily.  There are apparently other people who watch these shows as well.  You would think they would all be three-year-old girls but um, I guess not.  I titled this section "Inexplicable Stuff" for a reason.

Bothersome Stuff.

Who invented the big blingy jeans buttons that have ripped up all my wooden chairs?  I swear it's the worst invention ever.  I have to cut the back pockets off almost every pair of my/Rose's jeans.  Sure, the fakey gems are pretty but not worth it.  Why are these things even big sellers?  If at all possible, I buy jeans without them now because I learned the hard way.

Silly Stuff.

Woodjie and Rose are learning to play Trouble.  That's right; the ol' Pop-O-Matic has been in use here of late.  They are still learning that a 6 gets you out but you don't get to move six.  Rose would be overjoyed to get a four; that's HER number!  She is four.  "OH GOOODY A FIIIVE!  I'm onbe five next year," and other comments along these lines are squealed constantly.  Or if it's a three, she USED to be three but she lost her three.  She sure talks a lot.  All the different coloured pieces are "best fwends" when they are near each other.  And lookit they are talking to each other.

And Woodjie?  Loves being tagged out by other people's pieces.  That's so funny!

Ok.  It took a while, but I have finally gotten things to the point where Rose can say, "We be fwends after game it are over" with some conviction.  :)


  1. Our piano teacher is annoyed by butt bling too. Her leather piano bench has seen its better days. She has draped a rag rug over the bench to protect it. The rug slides around under David; it really bugs him. So, he always wears a pair of pants with nothing on them. We walk into the studio and tells his teacher to look at his butt.

  2. I've been told that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is most watched by 18-24 year old males. Have I seen any episodes? ... Yes. Yes, I have. In my defense, it all started when someone took the audio from the Starcraft II trailer and cut My Little Pony on top of it to make PonyCraft 2.


  3. My son insists that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a great movie. I think it's a teen-boy conspiracy...

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  5. I'm glad I'm not the only person who's been moving stuff around!
    And Brylee and Griffin love playing Trouble too.


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