22 June 2012

That New Car Look!

Our new 2012 Ford Fusion!  Fresh off the lot.  New car smell.  It's a weird car and when you press on the brakes the car STOPS.  Last car?  You had to jump on those brakes and leave half a mile clearance (slight exaggeration but yeah).  Yep, the 2001 Taurus we bought new from the same dealership bit the dust after a bit over 130,000 miles.  Guys at the dealership KNEW we were having problems with it and still gave us $1500 on a trade in.  Twelve-year-old car.  Over 130,000 miles.  $1500.  Oh seriously, used cars must be really pricey if they're gonna do that.  Maybe they were hoping to make up their losses on the new car purchase? 

When I brought the Fusion to my agent to be inspected and insured, he was in awe of the paperwork.  D got a really, really good deal on it from Very Bossley Ford.  About $6,000 under sticker price, and weird financing in which the "incentives" mean we really aren't paying any interest at all.  Over a 60 month period.  I don't know why they let him do that.  Our agent said seriously, D should help people buy cars as a part-time job.  He is that good.  I made sure to stay home during the entire purchase process because I do NOT want to be the one the salesguy looks at to "convince" D of anything and/or the one who is manipulated into getting emotionally attached to a car.  D investigates prices, models, etc. and even which cars are on which lots before he walks in.  He walks out and gets followed, not sure if I don't want to just take the old car home, the whole drama thing.  Whatever.  He took the day off to play this game and I'm just glad it is over.

D cleaned out his car and brought home bags and boxes FULL of mostly useless stuff.  Going to the curb next week:  12-year-old car seat.

Also going to the curb:  D's fave ice scraper.  I'm thinking it's just time.  D has already loaded his Slim Dusty CD into the vehicle and I have preprogrammed the hits of the 80's Sirius radio station to the dashboard.  Hey, going to use every day of the 6-month "free trial."  Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood and all your 1980's V-Jays (they were called that before people said V-jay jay ok??) from Mtv are on.


  1. Cool looking car. We have had our Hyundai since 2004 .. But only 40,000 miles on it as most of our driving is in the golf cart. But maybe we too will get a new car ... someday. :)

  2. It was so good to hear from you on my latest blog entry. I am not the blogger I used to be! :(

    The updated photos of your kiddos are cute! and surprising me at how much they have grown.!

  3. the Fusion is a great car, a few people around I know have one and everyone is happy

  4. The car looks amazing! I admire D for being well-prepared before actually going in and buy a car. Having the information and knowing what you want can certainly help you land a great deal. And I think it was a good move to replace the Taurus. You would probably have gotten more problems had you let it run further. Congrats on the new car!

    Ellsworth Mciltrot


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