24 June 2012

A Short Post.

Rose will not eat bagels without flowers.
I'm writing this post instead of doing housework.  Guess it will be a short one!  The weather here has turned hot and muggy, so not much outdoor work gets done.  I've found that we're not even really keeping up with the large trees growing everywhere in the fence and bushes, let alone going for that manicured look.  Oh well.

We also have new neighbours.  I've only seen them briefly, but it doesn't look like the contractor/house flipper I was afraid would buy the house (and rent it to partying losers) or the couple with the "14 kids crawling all over the place" my neighbour feared.  Young couple.  Maybe a kid, I forget.  Hopefully they don't drink or like music of any kind.  And they don't have friends who come over and make noise.  Pray for hermits who like home improvement projects.  Thanks.

Continued prayers are appreciated for Patrick.  He never did take the crazy "walk across town, work all night, and walk all the way home" job for minimum wage everyone on earth begged him not to get.  The deal is, two applications a day.  He has a year from graduation date to get his "stuff" together and find a full-time job or a college home.  We're not supporting him indefinitely.  Also?  Nothing is stopping him from putting in four applications, or six, or getting on the phone and begging people for a job.  Or getting a haircut (Mom will even pay).  Long story short, I'm grateful he's not walking across town, but I'd really, really like some peace in this area.  Thanks.

Lastly, what is wrong with my kid?  Rose colours INSIDE THE LINES.  I have never, never seen any of my children do this.  And I never taught her to do this.  D fears we are raising a little conformist.  I really don't think so:

No, I am not feeding my kid acid.


  1. Rose's coloring is beautiful!
    I always colored inside the lines but I never used realistic colors
    it was purple cats and pink moons and so on

  2. Nice coloring job! Tell Rose that I am proud of her! :)

  3. I think you made a fair deal with Patrick. Some kids take a little longer to find their direction and/or to be ready to leave mom and dad. Originally, we expected our son to graduate last year... he was on track for it, but decided to take an extra year. Seeing as he was no where near 18, we let him take his time. Now he will turn 18 a couple of weeks before he leaves for college AND he had a year to prepare himself to leave. I also know quite a few who weren't ready to go until 19. I know I wasn't.

  4. I think Rose might be secretly Haitian. Lovely, colorful art!

  5. Rose is a brilliant little artist! I love it!

    Praying for Patrick, that he 'blooms' soon. Can't live at home for free forever....

  6. and so beautifully in those lines too!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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