15 July 2012

Bouncin' Boobs for Science!

Could you ever imagine an entire engineering festival selling boys the idea that they can be sex objects and great scientists at the same time?  Have a few oiled-up shirtless beefcakes strut their stuff in Speedos, do a few group-choreographed pelvic thrusts while chanting, "Chemical reaction!" maybe?  Could you?  To sold-out crowds at stadiums and whatnot?  And signing autographs after their "performance?"

That's right.  It will never happen.  People presume boys are more intelligent than that.  They have more self-respect than that.  They don't need to evaluate some dude's shaking wiener and butt to decide on a science career.

Why can't anyone respect the intelligent young women?  Is this really the sort of thing that "inspires" a girl to achieve academically?  I'm thinking no.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm amazing, but just not always in a good way. :/

  2. "shaking weiner" ?!?!

    Laughing! Out Loud!

    1. Yeah, I briefly (ha ha) considered "throbbing" instead of shaking, but it's a Christian blog, so...


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