06 July 2012

Stupid People...

... make stupid laws.

It is illegal for just anyone to light fireworks here, you know.  There are some people who have lost their home when fireworks got up into the wooden shake roof.  Or children who have lost eyes or gotten burnt.


Yay for no fireworks being set off by stupid people who are unlicensed and don't know how to handle them in my city!  You'd think.

But noooo.  See, there are huge "fireworks tents" on about any big streetcorner here in the weeks leading up to July 4.  Because you can sell fireworks.  Just don't light them here.

Yeahhh.  You know... I'm not anti-fireworks.  I'm anti-stupid people.  I'm anti-stupid people who light huge rocket-y things right in the MIDDLE of the street in front of my house and probably about everywhere else in this city.  I don't recognize the drunkards this year, so I'm imagining they wandered over a few blocks so they wouldn't light their own houses on fire....

I know we cannot legislate common sense, but I hate July 4 because no one else seems to have it on that day.


  1. Fireworks are illegal here too. We can't even buy them anywhere.

  2. How would that work if said drunkard lights a rocket in the street and instead of going up it goes into your home, car, hits a child, etc? Does your homeowners cover such nonsense? Are you the one who would end up paying higher premiums?? Not to mention what would happen if God forbid it DID hit one of your kids....how is it legal to sell them there if they are not to be lit? Do they come with the fuse removed to prevent them from being lit??? Of course, not.

  3. I hate home fireworks too. I have taken care of too many kids with burns from them. They are legal in Minnesota, so starting about 2-weeks before July 4th said firework tents are up AND fireworks are being lit every. stinking. night. You go to bed to their snap, crackle-y, pop. Bugs me. A lot.

    So, we don't buy fireworks. My neighbor must think this is near child abuse because she normally has fireworks on the 4th. Our kids were having a work day at the farm. We were going to make a bonfire with some of the brush and eat s'mores and all. So, she was going to save her fireworks for Friday nights so they could participate. Being how we are crabby, we called our kids in early.

  4. we had a experience this year with fireworks being shot off in my neighborhood.. They always shoot them off the street in front of us, whoever does it does it every year and they have some empty lots and do it safely, we have no issue's with them.. we actually sit on our top porch and watch them every year..

    This year we have the baby, so we took her on the top porch to watch the fireworks for the first time, it was going good, shes not scared of the loud noises one bit, shes looking at the colors, when all of a sudden the idiot on the street behind ours, decides that its ok for them to shoot them off too, with no open lots and houses very close together, a firework shoots toward our house, lands on our awning on the top porch and rolls to our porch, luckily damien moved quick and him and the baby was fine, and the firework burned out before starting our house on fire..

    but really why would you shoot fireworks when you have no room to do so! They were probably drunk tho..

    They are just lucky they did not hit my baby or someone would have been in trouble!


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