18 July 2012

The Cyclops Child

Have you read it?  A STILL PRACTICING physician writes of participating in deceiving parents into thinking their infant is dead, kidnapping him, torturing him by secluding him and amputating his finger, and waiting around for him to die after 13 days of life.  He refers to the child as a "monster" and even in his later "clarification" essay (yeah, people got outraged at his original essay, imagine that), explained that he never told the parents about the child or took pictures because really, no parent wants a momento of something so ugly and awful.


Ok, I have to admit that this was 50 years ago.  Also?  Google-image search "cyclops child" and you'll see some of these deformities - as well as the one described in the article - are not really surviveable.  They are hideous to look at.  It breaks your heart - be warned!  Children with ears in the middle of their faces and no mouths, or deformed mouths.  One giant eye.

Dr. Neuman further describes how it upset him that staff began missing work to avoid hearing the baby cry inconsolably from its hiding spot in a back room.  He goes into great detail about how he could have smothered it, exactly when he had a grand opportunity, but considering that smothering a baby leaves some telltale marks.  Maybe no one would really care, though...

"Over all the years that followed, I found myself thinking from time to time of that picture, my hand over the baby's mouth. I knew then, and I still think now, that the right thing to do would have been to kill that baby. It wasn't really a baby; it just sounded like a baby--that's what I tell myself.  But I would like to stop thinking about it. After all, the whole thing happened over fifty years ago."

I know.  It happened over 50 years ago.  But it's amazing to see even now a good number of people think that it would be the right thing to do just to kill the kid.  And thank God there's abortion on demand today!  Oh, wait.  It's a "secular" website.  Thank The Goddess, then.

These people are our neighbours, and some of them work in hospitals.


  1. It's disgusting to think of all the atrocities that take place in the name of medical learning.

  2. OMG. That is inhuman. Any baby born is entitled to life.... no matter how un-perfect they LOOK. OMG I just can't believe some people could do this to an innocent baby... 50 years ago or not.


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