17 July 2012

It's Funny Because It's TRUE.

Fake news article... but only just.  A teacher in an underprivileged school yaps on about how she's changed lives and mentored and all this other stuff.  OH.  Man.  It felt like reading the liberal teacher-chick blogs.  You know the ones.

Then counter point.  "Written" by a fourth-grader.  "I fully understand that our nation is currently facing an extreme shortage of teachers and that we all have to make do with what we can get," he writes. "But does that really mean we have to be stuck with some privileged college grad who completed a five-week training program and now wants to document every single moment of her life-changing year on a Tumblr?"

"For crying out loud, we're not adopted puppies you can show off to your friends."

No.  Because adopted puppies?  You have to train diligently.  You're entirely responsible for them.  You don't give up your "career" in teaching a puppy after three years.  You just don't.  You're either a good doggie momma or you're one of those flighty people who dump the dog off at the pound just as the puppy cuteness wears off and he's learnt some bad habits.


  1. That is one well spoken "fourth" grader!

    And wowzie, is that chick a little full of herself or what??!

    1. Yeah, the Onion writes 'em that way. And the "chick" sounds EXACTLY like the liberal teacher bloggers! Really!!! I was actually fooled until the fourth-grader response. I got to that article by clicking a link from a friend. (sigh)

  2. Snap. That was remarkably well-written... granted, much of the Onion is. I was reminded of Gladwell's 10,000 hours point from "Outliers" while watching "Waiting for Superman"... it takes teachers about 5 years to get really great at teaching. Why? Because you need that time (10,000 hours) to develop your skills and become an expert in the field.

    The cool part about homeschooling? You've already been teaching your kids for 10,000 by the time they're ready to start school... and you'll have a few years to get skills in teaching them while they're still young too. So, you'll be a fantastic teacher by the time they're ready to move on [smile].

    By the by, if you haven't seen http://literallyunbelievable.org yet, you may enjoy it. It's a site with "Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook" [smile].



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