27 August 2012

A Typical Homeschool Day

Welcome to our homeschool!  This is our usual daily schedule.  I have it posted right by my computer so that I'm sure we get a full day's work in and not forget anything important. In Missouri, "Reading" and "Communication Arts" are two different subjects, but I have popped them on my overall schedule as "English" and do what I feel needs doing that day.  Often, "Reading" happens on my nook when we have appointments somewhere and we have to wait.  Emperor is laughing his way through Aesop's Fables presently.  This isn't the exact order in which I do every class, but generally speaking, everything on the list gets done each day.

Good morning!  Emperor is up and working on his chess well before 7 am.  He spends two hours every weekday on this subject in addition to his other classwork.  He usually finishes around 1:30, but has a break for lunch in there somewhere. 

Only Emperor homeschools so during the morning, some of the other children are getting up and ready for their day and leaving for school.  Here's Woodjie asking for "take ME pictures!" because he saw I had the camera out near Emperor.  Woodjie is always so cute.  He's had a few bumps in the road this year, but he loves kindergarten and his super-awesome teacher.
Emperor isn't sure why I take his picture while we're working on Science and English.  English and writing work is the most difficult for Emperor so despite the fact that he is a very big boy,  I have to help him quite a bit.
We finished early today, so we drove to the park to see how the frogs at the local creek were doing.  It seems that Nature thinks it is now autumn.  The creek is nearly dry.  Instead of seeing well over a dozen full-grown frogs and many big bulgy bullfrog tadpoles, we saw one sad half-grown tadpole hiding in the water.  We had brought a towel and old ice cream bucket for catch and release time, but we decided to leave him alone.
Yay!  Haven't been able to get anywhere close to the local Chick-fil-A place since the latest silliness.  Literally lines for about a mile to this place for a good while.  Once when I was driving earlier this month, I saw one fellow pop the sunroof and hoist - I swear - a five foot pole with an American flag through the top of his vehicle.  Well, sorry I couldn't take a picture while I was driving about town, so you'll have to imagine it.  It was quieter today, and on a hot day like this was, a great time to get some ice cream and spend time together.  Want to see how other families do their schoolwork?  Pop by the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop!


  1. I'm so sorry for your froggie friends. We've been trying to send you rain from the Carolinas, but clearly we are failing!

  2. I'm glad you got to go for a walk and have an ice cream date. Your day seems very well organized, and to get Emperor up and running on his day before 7 am is awesome.

  3. We are hitting reading hard this year. We used a great phonics program and both of my kids can sound out and encode words. Sounding out every. stinking. word. in a book doesn't qualify as reading. They are quite annoyed with me.


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