24 January 2013

Driving Drunk Should be Legal!

About two-thirds of all accidents are caused by sober drivers!  So we need to focus on sober drivers instead of people who drive drunk.  Also?  "The campaign against so-called 'drunk drivers' is another feminist hate men program."

Yessss... there was really a serious news article about allowing drunks on the road legally in County Kerry, Ireland.  And I gleaned all that rockin' wisdom from the comments section.  But the local council reasons that allowing a few drunks on the road is a net social benefit because then these boozers wouldn't have to drink alone.  It will decrease depression!  Those poor rural men.  There is no way, I suppose, that an Irish man can socialize unless he's good and drunk.

I didn't say it!  But the article certainly implies that boozing it up is the only thing to do.  Have they not discovered basketball or golf in Ireland yet?  Pool?  Cards?  The Super Bowl?  I mean, really... there must be something else to do in County Kerry.  The Council thinks it's ok because nobody's been killed yet?

Thankfully the reaction from officials at a more national level has been more along the lines of, what the hell are you thinking.


  1. Wow. Last night, a drunk driver (aged 70) drove through two Atlanta area counties causing no less than 14 accidents, the last of which killed a person, before he drove into a restaurant.

    While sober drivers cause more accidents, do aren't quite so reckless about it.

    1. I'm thinking drunks are a lower percentage of drivers on the road and cause more serious accidents proportionally, but I don't imagine there is any good scientific way to study that?

      Well, I'll leave that to people who know a lot more than me, but still. Drunk driving legal??? :/


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