24 March 2013

Elf Update

I haven't blogged about Elf in a while, so I thought I'd give an update.

Elf is in seventh grade and is doing pretty well in most of his classes.  He is extremely disorganized and doesn't always understand social cues very well, so he has an IEP.  That means he meets with other children who also have difficulty with social cues and they brainstorm answers to "What would you do if" questions.  (Hilarity ensues.  But it's guided hilarity at least, I suppose.) 

He also has a little extra help organizing his school binder and that sort of thing.  This spring break he's been working on all the science projects he "forgot" about over the last several weeks.  Though in all honesty, it hasn't been much of a spring break.  Really mostly I've been lying around and recovering and Elf and the gang have been watching too much tv, playing games (the older children learnt Rummy) and hanging out together.

Elf has also come occasionally to chess, but these last few months more often than not, he'd rather stay home.  I don't know if it is really because his little brother overshadows him a bit, but he says not, and he's really the sort of person who couldn't care too much for that level of competitiveness, so there you are.

One thing he just did today was make cinnamon raisin bread in his new breadmaker.  Here's a quick snapshot of his food and his pottery.  Unfortunately, he's also reaching that age where he does NOT want you to take his photograph. 



  1. Well young man, you make darn fine looking bread. I have a breadmaker somewhere... and I might just start making us some too. You have inspired me!

  2. Fresh baked bread goes really well with all this wintry weather!

  3. Well done on the bread Mr Elf Man!


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