26 August 2013

"(Cityname) Swap and Shop" Facebook Post

 File under:  Are you serious?!

"So I have a couple who are lesbians and they are looking for sperm donors to help complete there family need refrences ir someone who willing help wi not go after donor what so every will be completly confidential thanks in advance :)"
If I were some guy, and saw this?  I'd just jump at the chance of giving my genetic information to strangers, especially when I'm told it will be "completly confidential."  Responders to the post are saying things like:

1. How can it be confidential when "your posting to the swap and shop."

2.  You can't guarantee confidentiality.  The state DOES go after biological parents for support, doesn't matter what your contract says.

3.  Do you really want to parent a child conceived by some random dude who responds to this ad?

4.  (To previous poster)  The rules on the swap and shop say if you're not interested, you can't post a response!  So shut up!

5.  Hey, I'll do it.  Inbox me for pictures of my kids. 


  1. 1. I wouldn't be donating sperm to people who can't spell properly.
    2. I wouldn't be donating any sperm anyway, there are proper legal channels for this sort of thing.
    3. I'm a woman, so don't have sperm anyway.

    1. I know, right? Like... how would they meet up and all that. Just ODD!

      Leaving aside the unusual-ness of the request on a public board, actually my first thought was, "Why isn't this couple asking themselves?" It occurred to me the couple might not even know their "friend" is asking.

      Which. Is even more weird.


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