25 August 2013

Iowa Open 2013

Emperor competed in the Reserve section and Rose competed in the Under 1200 section.  It was some pretty hard chess, and Emperor won three of five games.  Rose was able to make her first USCF-rated checkmate!  Sneaky rook on the back row.  Brilliant.

Hamming it up after unpacking at the hotel.  The "chess rate" special discount was $95/night instead of the ridiculous $159.
Emperor left us to play in a tournament on Friday night.  Rose went "swimming" with her Barbie doll in the tub for almost an hour and a half.  My, was she wrinkly when she was done.  But Barbie was very clean.
Changed and cozy.  By the time Emperor came back to the room, she was nearly asleep!
Rose does a little reading after her chess games on Saturday night.


  1. I have been reading your blog for around 5 years. I remember Rose in a highchair. Here she is playing chess !!!!


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