07 September 2013

Let's Not Bomb Syria, K?

  I find myself opposed even to so-called "conservatives" who are willing to spend American money and risk American lives for... what?  People on all sides of the conflict hating us?  I don't think I've heard of something so stupid and pointless since Vietnam.


  1. Lets hope the powers that be have learnt from past mistakes.

  2. "We don't want another engagement in the Middle East!" spoken by a Syrian. That is sad. She kind of put into words what I wondered.

    I thought, 1400 have been killed with chemical weapons...how many will be killed in retaliation to this? (I'm not saying we will kill them all, either...but...) How many thousands or hundreds of thousands will die if the US engages in Syria?

  3. An interesting discussion on it here: https://www.facebook.com/fredericamg

    It begins, "I haven't said anything about the situation in Syria..."

    I added the video to it. Thanks. We had a prayer vigil on it last night (I've been going to church now for a month or so...)

    1. ((HUGS)) I know the Bible says to PRAY for the peace of Jerusalem, but I figure no harm adding Syria to the list.

      I don't get why, just because there is a problem, that it is OUR problem. Why should it be the US always getting involved? Why can't we let Denmark solve this one for once??


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