08 September 2013

How is This "Racist?"

A politician is accused of running a racist campaign because he's getting a black family to star in TV ads and fliers.  It's terrible that this politician dares to say that New York City is really "two cities" because of great divisions of class and wealth. 

It's just wrong to use a family like that as props in a political campaign.  Mayor Bloomberg thinks it's wrong even though the family in question is actually that of his opponent.  "It's comparable to me pointing out I'm Jewish in attracting the Jewish vote," Bloomberg said recently.

Golly, my, but 1. I'd have a great deal of difficulty discerning that BloomBERG was Jewish unless he told me; and 2. Heaven forbid a man actually uses pictures of his own family when running for office.  Because that's never been done before, right?

Want to hear something really racist?  Whites only as church greeters.  You see, we want the "best of the best" out front and your black face just doesn't cut it.

Irony?  This is a mostly black church.  I don't know whether I should be sad that the self-hate of some of these folks goes so deep, or just PO'd that anyone would sit under that sort of ministry, and let their children grow up hearing that kind of stuff and absorbing it. 


  1. What they class as racist one day is often not the next day, who knows we have just had a election and everyone used their families as examples of what a strong family they have surporting them.

    1. I know, congrats to you! Here is hoping we get someone decent soon. :)

  2. No words... just laughter. To steal my daughter's newest tagline.



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