15 December 2013

Christmas Cookies

Wearing jammies and making cookies!  Rose and Woodjie got to put the ingredients in and crack the eggs.  Mom helped to stir a bit.  Rolling is the best part!
Cutting cookies and adding decorations is pretty nifty, too!
Woodjie had to watch everything bake.  Woodjie thinks it smells so "alicious."  Rose says it smells so good, the cookies can even smell themselves baking.


  1. It's funny how kids like to watch things bake I did it and so did my children or maybe we were all just hungary and wanted them to cook quicker.

  2. Oh, my goodness! They have gotten so big!!! I feel like I write that every other comment, but they really have! They both look so happy.,

  3. Perfect way to spend an afternoon, cute shorties, yummy cookies and 'alicious' smells. :)

  4. Lovely way to spend the day. I think Woodjie looks very grown up with his haircut.
    I haven't made Christmas cookies in years, but I have a new set of cookie cutters, so I'll be making some the week before Christmas.


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