13 December 2013

Mandela Funeral Interpreter Revelation of the Day

He's a fake.

He had a mental health breakdown during this very stressful interpreting job.

He asks forgiveness, but states this was his calling and he "saw angels" during the funeral.

He's been charged with rape and attempted murder.

Future revelations may include that he has amnesia. 

And he's really a doctor who ran away from his practice because he couldn't stand the sight of blood.

No, wait.  He's actually a famous naval officer, and his girlfriends-in-every-port were issuing paternity suits.  He thought, "I'll escape by becoming an interpreter for the deaf.  No-one will find me that way!"

Somebody recruit this guy to star in a soap opera!  

Does anyone remember TV from the years before closed captioning?  Often there would be a little oval picture of a deaf interpreter in the corner doing her stuff.  Nobody really paid her much mind.  THIS guy is a gold mine.

I think he needs to come to the US and meet the Kardashians.  I'm not sure who they all are yet, but between them and Miley Cyrus, this vacation should be enough to fuel the tabloids for another year.


  1. I do agree he is a crazy guy and I guess he likes attention.

  2. Whoever hired him should be flogged. If he was really having a mental break, he would have signed SOMETHING! All he did was wring his hands!

    1. I don't get why this interpreter is stealing the show, so to speak. But YES, the people who hired him deserve far worse. Bad enough his signing for the "angels." But a suspected murderer/rapists? Near world leaders? At the funeral of a beloved national leader? Terrible.


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