11 December 2013

New Foods at Home

Woodjie tested positive for milk and egg allergies when he was about 2.  Since then, we've done milk and egg free faithfully.  I asked the doctor today at his checkup if he'd do another blood test and he told me to just go feed him whatever and see what happens.  He's not that allergic that he would die if he reacts.  But if he gets a rash or runny poo, guess that's it for that.

I took him out for Pizza Hut today!  Ohhhh he was so excited!  When the food finally arrived, he thought it was the best food ever, because he was gnawing on the crusts.  He got to the cheesy part.  The food is pretty foreign to him and "gooey."  He didn't want to eat it.  It's not right.  I encouraged him a bit and he at least ate a fair bit of his personal pan pizza.

Tonight, I gave him a glass of milk!  "Eeew it yuck!" he told me.  More encouragement.  Bribes even. 

Woodjie LOVES potato bread toast with peanut butter.  So for dinner, I gave him regular bread with butter and cinnamon sugar!  "Ughhhh.  I no like at.  Is bad."

Sigh.  So the kid is used to eating potato bread and thinks butter is a strange food.  He smeared the butter all around everywhere, tentatively licked his finger again, and wrinkled his entire face.  "NO want dat. You eat it." 

Well, we'll see how the next couple of days go with the milk.  Next up:  eggs. 


  1. I remember my parents trying to coax me into drinking milk. I couldn't get it down, no matter what. Didn't even like the feel of it in my mouth. Years later I discovered my mouth was giving me a clear message, I have a dairy intolerance and get painful spasms and diarrhoea from plain milk. Cooked into custard etc is fine, but not too much, a little in coffee and cereal is okay too. Lately I've discovered I can have a milkshake once or twice in summer and there is a brand of icecream that doesn't upset me.
    My whole point is, if Woodjie doesn't like these things, why make him try them? It's possible to live without milk and eggs, you've already proved that. My oldest grand daughter has lived almost 20 years with soy milk, no fats, no salt, very little sugar. She is allergic to the fats in milk and red meats.

    1. I'm trying to push some dairies for a little bit to see if we get a reaction. He refused the milk this morning, too, so I'll just leave that bit out for now.


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