05 July 2014

Ghost Selfie!

A  Romanian woman swears her grandmother took a selfie from hell.  Or something. 

I don't know how she got a hold of an iPhone, but apparently if you don't give tons of money to the church on behalf of the dead each year?  They are in biiiiig trouble and can't make it to heaven.

Grandma had to have a snake wrapped around her neck in the afterworld. I have to say, although she just looked like a normal kerchief-wearing old lady in real life, she rocks the selfie look now that she's dead.  I guess she was "punished" by being forced to look like a heavy death metal rock star waif, which actually is a pretty kewl look if you ask me.  I mean compared to the kerchief and wrinkles thing.

Anyway.  Somehow the grand-daughter got this picture on her telephone while she was cooking doughnuts, which is spiritually significant.  Fortune-tellers and pastors in that local area say you need to bring doughnuts to the cemetary every day for a while so your loved ones can go to heaven.  Or something.  I'm not really clear on my theology. 

Wanna see pics?  Here you go.


  1. That doesn't look like a snake to me, it looks like an extra fold along the scarf.
    On a poorly lit photo of a photo taken through a pinhole, similar to the way people used to view an eclipse.

    I thought you got the doughnuts AFTER arriving in heaven, because no one needs to be on a diet anymore up there.

    1. And she stays so thin! :)

      Of course the whole thing is some dopey hoax, but they sure have people from that town donating to the church and praying their eyeballs out now.


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