24 August 2014

Feeding Children Garbage, Literally.

The kid wanted pizza.  But they were sold out!  So the three different adults at one school decided the best thing to do would be to fish around in the trash, find some pizza, and give it to her. 

It sorta tasted funny, she complained.

Worse?  She's diabetic and somehow this particular pizza was what she was supposed to have.  Guess they couldn't save one for someone with medical needs.  Awful.

Even worse?  The parents are sending this kid to school again.  Because yeah, they should really trust that staff with their child's life every weekday.


  1. If she needed a particular kind of pizza, shouldn't her parent have made sure it was pre-ordered and available?
    As for pizza from the trash....well,yuk! and how could they even be sure it was the right kind of pizza?
    What kind of teacher thinks it is okay to give a kid food from the trash bins??
    This is wrong on many levels.

    1. I think the parent "trusted" the school to work with the kid's special diet. I have to wonder why they are sending her back for even one more day before their issues are resolved. Poor kid.

  2. Stories like this make me want to scream. I hardly know where to start being upset.

    1. I'm choosing to start with, "And the parents are sending the kid back." Though a case could be made for about 50 other beginning points...


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