27 August 2014

Should Homeschoolers Police Their Own?

Should they speak out against the cray-cray in their own community?  Or just shut up about it?

Michael Farris said recently that HSLDA should focus on defending homeschool freedom, although they should have spoken out sooner against extreme patriarchy and the "overuse" of physical discipline that has resulted in more than one child death.

"I truly hope that our movement will continue to demonstrate considerable tolerance for differences of opinion," he wrote. "But I also hope that we will show the maturity to understand that some opinions deserve no promotion. Our movement will only be tainted by extremist views if we give our platforms over to such teachers."



With that thought in mind, HSLDA, please take your own advice and stop promoting Common Core materials via email to your members.  Don't take their ad money if you are opposed to a federal education system, k?  Can we stop pandering to the crazies on both sides of the political spectrum?  


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