28 March 2015

LINC Chess K-12 Tournament

Ready for his opponent.
See this little fellow?  It's hard to get him out of the house.  We started homeschooling in part because we've gotten more than one "your child just ran away and we are looking for him" phone call from the school.  He tends to elope when he's overwhelmed.  So going to an all-day chess tournament was a big step for him. 

Rose drew two games!
LINC Chess made it happen!  The director made sure he had his own table, and Woodjie's hired assistant was better able to watch him without interfering with the other players. They want to make sure every K-12 age child in the community can play chess, and although they're funded through the schools, that includes the homeschooled kid outside their area of the metro.

Thanks for a great tournament!

If you're interested in finding out more about LINC Chess, or in signing up for their May 4 tournament at Hickman Mills, click here.

Emperor is the K-12 Champion!  He won a trophy, and a spider chess set with a case.


  1. Congrats to Emperor! Sounds like it was a great tournament for your family.

  2. Well done, chess is a great game.

  3. Well done everyone!
    I like the idea of every child from K to 12 learning chess.


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