28 March 2015

Things We're Working on With Woodjie.

 Woodjie has funding for some autism behaviour therapy once a week.  We're working on his staying safe (not eloping!), giving people outside his family a "space bubble," and not over-reacting to problems.  He could bump you, you'd call it to his attention, and he'll apologize about 20 times profusely.  Nope!  Just one, "oops" or "sorry!" will work, kiddo.  You save the big sorries for the biggies.  I laminated several of the sheets we've gone over and stuck them up in the kitchen.  This way we can refer to them as situations come up. 

I'm not sure it "works," but it's a handy reference for times I want to speak to Woodjie about these issues.  We used to also have a very detailed morning routine schedule, but since it's the same almost every morning, we really haven't been using it.  Once our reference sheets haven't been used for a while, they'll come off the wall as well.


  1. Wow! These are awesome. I might have to borrow them for Bubba. Then again, they'd be good for all of our kids.

  2. This is really cool! I have friends with children on the autism spectrum, and a few of these would really help!


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