02 June 2015

Woodjie the Robot

Woodjie has seen the pediatric cardiologist at Children's Mercy Hospital as a worried-mom followup.  You know how worried moms are.  Turns out?  He does have some sort of heart difference, but how problematic it might be has yet to be determined. 

The cardiologist doesn't sound particularly concerned about it.  He says Woodjie's heartbeat, instead of originating in the sinus node, starts lower down somewhere.  And they're just going to monitor him for a bit and see what they think.

So Woodjie gets to be a robot with lots of stickies and he keeps his monitor in his Pokemon fanny pack. 

I am praying it is nothing but him being a little different. 

Do you like his bracelet?  My friend Rachel runs the Choose to Refuse Common Core website (you're welcome to join - more the merrier) and when she got these bracelets from Jerusalem, I knew I had to order a few.  If you are interested in getting a bracelet, there are many styles available at www.jerusalemwithlove.com. It's odd timing, but a nice feeling to know that he is wearing something a friend has prayed over.  :)


  1. Interesting. His own personal heart rhythm.
    Does that mean he will keep breathing if his heart takes a break for a minute?
    Or will his heart keep going if he stops breathing for a bit?
    It might just be one of those things that happen and sort themselves out later.

    1. All they've told me so far is that his heartbeat STARTS at some other point in his heart than the sinus node. And the monitor should give them more information. I think it's a good thing that they're not admitting him or giving me weird "if he conks out" instructions or anything like that.


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