03 June 2015

Ad Banned in UK Because... the Model is Thin

I know, right?  You expect your models to be a size 18 like the rest of the developed world.  Having a severely underweight model would just encourage people to get all anorexic and stuff, and Lord knows none of us need a diet.  The UK's Advertising Standards Authority ruled Yves Saint Laurent couldn't use this ad again.

Go ahead and click the link.  I'm sure you'll agree that the chick in question looks like she's passed out due to anorexia-induced bradycardic arrhythmia.*

From the sound of the article, however, it sounds like someone just got butthurt that some fashion mag is promoting an unrealistic beauty standard.  Because usually, they don't do that, right?

Personally?  I think if we're going to play this game, we need to ban Photoshop, because no way everyone has the healthy glow, four-foot long arms, lack of fat rolls, or whatever else is in fashion this week.  Oh! And fat chicks.  Wouldn't want to encourage obesity.  And so on.

*Hey.  Worried Mom has been researching every heart condition known to Man since this-all happened, ok?  I've concluded my kid doesn't have this particular condition.  Cross that off the list of things to freak out about.


  1. I used to look at the models in magazines and think, "you need a burger and fries, you also need a burger and fries, you over there should probably be sharing that truckload of food you look like you ate..."
    I don't buy magazines anymore, haven't for years. I buy crossword books instead, they're a lot more fun.

    1. More entertaining and still good in a year when the fashion changes. :)

  2. "Because usually, they don't do that, right?"


    And, actually, that's my biggest beef with the "our models aren't photoshopped" thing that some companies are capitalizing on: My bum and belly isn't as nice as these girls', and there is much more that goes into making someone look good than just Photoshop. That's one of the points I think Cameron Russell makes so well in her TED talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/cameron_russell_looks_aren_t_everything_believe_me_i_m_a_model?language=en

    Well worth watching.


  3. Back from watching the video. I don't doubt that her entire career is one built on privilege and a bit of dumb luck. I might be older, very chubby and nowhere near as marketable (!), but I sure don't fault her for taking advantage.

    The consumer simply has to get smarter.


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