22 October 2015

Homeschooling Update!

I am too cheap to buy a textbook for each child to keep.  Woodjie reads all left-hand pages aloud, and Rose reads all pages on the right.
Emperor is plowing through his First Form Latin.  He has a list of 50 commonly used Latin verbs from the teacher at the local high school, and instructions to finish First Form Latin and a good deal of our Second Form Latin before entering high school as a freshman next year.  If he gets the four verb forms she wants finished, and does well on his NLE exam this year, no reason he can't begin a year ahead in Latin II as a full-time public high school student.  But it's a lot of work.  Emperor is taking it very seriously.

We multiplied fractions so we could mix pancake batter.
Woodjie and Rose have really been working hard on our spelling, but you wouldn't know it.  For some reason, both children are allergic to putting two m's in "hammer" or spelling "people" correctly.  We've been on the same word list for a month but I don't feel ok about moving on until it's mastered, ya know? 

We're also reading Farmer Boy as part of our studies.  Today, the little children got to hear about sheep-shearing.

We're working on finishing their History curriculum, and we'll probably be finished next week.  Yes, it's a bit early in the school year but 1. we work all summer and 2. I just let Science totally go.  I can only rotate so many subjects in a day and... pff, forget it.  We'll do Science studies after we finish our History, have a field trip and an end-of-subject party.  We finished one of our ten LIFEPACs ages ago.  Only nine more to go! 

Fingers crossed we get round to taking a fun field trip and can share pics with you soon.  :)


  1. Bribe them with the field trip, see how fast they can learn to put two m's in hammer, and spell people? Might not work though.
    Hooray for pancakes!

  2. Just some of us never learn to spell well I one that I know.
    I use a dictionary all the time.


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