12 January 2016

NIV Beautiful Word Bible

Definitely a girly Bible for someone who loves to doodle or take notes!  It has super-wide lined margins interspersed with illustrated verses.  It's pretty interesting, too, because they're not always the happy verses you'd expect to be illustrated.  Some of the more sad or sorrowful verses are also detailed.  The artwork is really very lovely and adds interest without distracting from the text.  The folks at Zondervan did a great job!

It's a bit smaller than I expected.  I've popped a triple-weight tournament king on the book to show you.  The book is very portable, so this is definitely easy to take to church or out and about on vacation and so forth.  I do wish they'd make Bible posters in the same style for teen girls and young adults, because the verses are done in such a creative and fun way.  I'd almost say whimsical, but we're talking of Bibles here and "whimsy" probably doesn't go well.

If you prefer writing to drawing, you could take sermon notes in the margins and just not take a church bulletin each week.  Is it just me, or do those seem like a tremendous waste of paper?  Do announcements and post everything on the church website, people!  Save a tree.

There is also a King James and New King James version available from the same publisher.  Expensive, but I'd rate it five stars!

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  1. Prettiest Bible I've ever seen, not that I've seen many.

    1. It's really gorgeous but hard to get a clear picture of the artwork. I've googled and other bloggers either have better cameras or they're really talented (both?).


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