12 January 2016

What Would Jesus Post?

"You only get one hat online. Make sure it’s one you want to be seen wearing." -  Brian D. Wassom


What Would Jesus Post is no smarmy oversweet lecture from Gramma about keeping your cleavage tucked in when you take a selfie (which... you should!).  If I had to sum it all up, it'd be about thinking before posting.  Simple as.

But what Wassom is doing in this book by WestBow Press is giving you tools to do just that.  Think about what sort of person you want to be like online.  Consider the impact of your words and whether you're posting something that's really "you."  His seven principles for healthy internet living are far more specifically useful than "be nice and remember Jesus is watching."

Consider your political posts.  Consider the effect what you say has on your audience.  In short, "we should always talk to people like we want them to come to heaven with us."

The e-book version is only a few bucks on Amazon and I'd recommend it if it's an area in which you find yourself struggling.

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  1. I know what Jesus would post.
    "Stop fighting amongst yourselves. Don't make me come down there..."


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