22 February 2016

"Mentors" to Crack Down on Absenteeism

Let's spend lots of money on "mentors" for kids who aren't attending school regularly.  I mean, I wonder why one might not want to attend school in the slums on a regular basis.  Hmmm, let's spend millions of dollars trying to herd these students back into the classroom. 

It's a temporary program that will really only be in a child's life for a short time.  "Just like Mommy's boyfriends!" quips one of the comments.

The thing that bothers me about articles like this is that it doesn't tell me what parents can do to keep these little do-gooders out of their kid's lives.  My kid's school record is not some volunteer with three weeks of training's business, thanks.

Anyway, these folks will work their magic in a kid's life by meeting with him three times a week.  Three times a week!  Could you imagine interrupting your child's classroom experience three times every week?  Could you imagine your kid missing that much on top of the absenteeism that's already going on?  Even given that some of those hours may be during art or lunch periods, it seems an incredible waste of time.

Yeah, and we're spending actual tax dollars on this crap.


  1. From this post and the previous one, it seems your school system over there is very invasive. I'm glad I live in Australia, and no longer have kids in school. Even three of my grandchildren are finished with school and working now.

    1. It's getting more and more crazy. I looked at Aus. law and it looks like they require homeschoolers to register there and they "monitor" them. Not sure how strict that is. Here, I don't register and never have to test my kids and no one has ever looked at my books.

      Mixed bag, maybe. I enjoyed my time in public schools there on the whole. :)


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