21 February 2016

Private Student Data to be Given to Businesses

As a result of a court case, private information including addresses and social security numbers of public school students will be handed over on April 1.

You can object if you like, but a California Education Department spokesman stated it's unclear whether objecting is going to do you any good.

What will these people do with your child's data once it's looked over?  No one really knows or has any sort of assurance for the public that there is no way possible their children will be the victim of identity theft.  Look at the article and see what they are not saying.  That says a lot more than what they do, which is a whole bunch of nothing.

Look.  I know there needs to be some oversight to ensure that kids are being taught and bla bla bla.  But some private companies?  No real assurance that the data won't get resold or identities stolen?

You know it's bad when the Democratic and Republican assemblymen are getting together pronto and working together to address... well, anything.

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