22 August 2016

Farrah Abraham Considers Homeschooling Her Daughter

Her seven-year-old is too sexy, too rich, too smart and everyone's just TOO jealous. OH YEAH, that's why most people homeschool, right? Her kid, her life. But I have a feeling Ms. Abraham is too lazy to follow through... she's just yapping at this point and getting a lot of attention for it.  At least this is better attention than starring in pornos and stuff like she did before.

What-evah.  All those famous people are crazy.


  1. Too sexy? She's SEVEN!!
    Let her be a child when she isn't doing her modelling shoots. By the time she gets to high school, life could be a lot different anyway and she might welcome having kids her own age around.

    1. Yeah, did you peek at the article? This poor kid has no shot at a "normal" life unless Ms. Abraham is hamming it up for the cameras and is a completely reasonable person when she's not being interviewed or filmed. I have to wonder if many of these reality stars secretly have very mundane lives when the "crew" goes home. :)


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