15 August 2016

Tea Party Math!

Mom cut out several paper pizzas in fifths.  The children decorated these and had an "irrational fraction" tea party with their stuffed friends! 

The party was ruint when Mom revealed the true object was to figure out math problems!  What a gyp!  Baby Batman didn't think it was all that bad, though. 


  1. I have completely forgotten what an irrational fraction is, but pizza seems a good way to learn it.

    1. Irrational fractions are fractions like 11/5. It doesn't make sense not to just say 2 1/5 pizzas. I explained that they catered huuuge parties and somehow mathematically each of these pizza slices are 1/5 pizza, so how many pizzas are they going to box up and take home after the party? :)

  2. Ha! I love Rose's expression! Looks like you make school a lot of fun!


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