11 September 2016

Room Update.

So Woodjie and I got onto Pinterest and looked for ideas to incorporate in his bedroom.  He picked a "space" theme with a dark blue and some glow-in-the-dark planets and sticky stars and whatnot. In theory, the little planets can be suspended from the ceiling with sticky tack but in reality, nope!  You have to hang them on something.  This was Woodjie's idea - this hanger sort of blends in with the wall (a little... if you imagine things well).  The resulting "mobile" hangs right over Woodjie's pillow.  He's pretty happy with it. 

This next picture requires even more imagination.  It's a cool tapestry on a makeshift rod and some "star" lights are hung over the top.  Once I buy a proper rod and something to hang the tapestry with it won't look so bad.  But at night, it's a lot of fun to look at the "stars" and Woodjie loves his room.

PS. His room contains most of the toys as it is the biggest.  Little sister's room is tiny, so all the girly playthings are in here.  So... that is not really Woodjie's Hello Kitty and pony collection you see there but that sure IS his Pokemon blanket.


  1. I've used the 'coat hanger as mobile' in the past, it's a great temporary solution that often becomes permanent. I really love the stars in front of the curtain :)
    Great choices Woodjie!

    1. Thanks, River! Yep, he chose the blue hanger himself - he's so proud!

  2. OH WOW, I totally LOVE his tapestry and stars.


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