06 December 2016

The i-Factor Book Review

"Most of the time, people remain stuck in cycles of the same problems, like a hamster on a wheel, until they finally realize that the trouble is not with their bosses, their spouses, their bank accounts, their health, or their sons and daughters.  The trouble is more personal than that; it's in their minds."

Van Moody's "I-Factor" book really unpacks this idea of mindful living through his book in a Christ-centered way.  Not hokey.  Practical.  The premise of the book seems to be that for the most part, our happiness and success are determined by us and how we view ourselves and our circumstances. 

His chapter on forgiveness is the best, though.  I can't tell you how many stupid Christianese books and articles I've seen on forgiveness.  This fellow is one of the few people who will outright tell you that forgiveness does NOT have to mean reconciliation and it certainly doesn't have to mean blowing off what happened or minimising what someone has done to you.

This book is for anyone going through a rough spot in life and is ready to consider some of the ideas Van Moody outlines for change.  It's not a simple self-help book, but it gives ideas to think about and then come up with your own way of handling a given issue.  Recommended!

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  1. This book sounds like most of the things I already believe in. My troubles are caused by my own perceptions and envy, forgiveness doesn't have to mean reconciliation and so on.

    1. Sometimes when you're in a situation, though, you forget the obvious. I actually know several people who could use friendly reminders. :)


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