15 January 2017

Honesty Time.

We are saying goodbye to things we no longer want.
Woodjie has been outgrowing his clothes and most especially he's been outgrowing his shoes.  He was a men's size 8 (ladies' 10 equivalent) at the beginning of the winter.  Now he's about a men's 10.5 or 11 depending on the brand!  Yeah, we discovered that during our weekly roller skating time.  Sometimes what fit him the week before was difficult to impossible to put on and remove!  That suddenly!

Rose enjoys a book Woodjie was done with.
So it was time to go through all the boxes and bags of clothes I have left over from the four older boys.  I have new and new-ish shoes up through about size 12 depending on the width and style you want.  Sadly, I am going to have to give away three sizes of men's sandals, some of them only worn once. Woodjie just grew out of those sizes over the winter and will never wear them. They are too big/ clonky to ever be worn by me or Rose.  And the bigger boys are just too big for 'em.  Oh, well.  If I had NOT saved them, you betya Woodjie would've needed just those particular sizes.  Yep.

The goofball hiding from the camera in his closet.
I've sorted through a ton of clothing in Woodjie and Rose's room.  I did a LOT of work in Woodjie's room, but Rose really hasn't grown or changed.  Tidying her room was pretty much all about putting the least-worn clothes on the top of her drawers so that we'll see them.

Then, it was "Honesty Time." 

"Honesty Time" is when we look at objects and ask ourselves if we really use them or even want them any more.  Rose gave up a few of her dollies that she doesn't use any more.  Woodjie was ready to give up a few books and toys.  Some of these Rose wanted.  But ohh... we have bags and bags of stuff to give away pretty soon.  Thankfully, I have a friend whose son is just a little smaller than Woodjie and I'm sure she can deal with some nearly-new sandals in the next three sizes.

Emperor outgrew the larger bowling shoes, so Woodjie will get those.  Woodjie outgrew the littler ones.  Now Rose has a "new" pair as well.


  1. In your photos, Woodjie just doesn't look big enough to have such large feet. Perhaps your American sizing is far different from ours.
    My grand daughter has long, narrow feet and wears ladies size 10 shoes, Australian sizing, but she is 5' 10' tall!

    1. YES, I was pretty amazed as well. He is not that tall to have such huge feet. But he does. He will be about 6ft 5 when he is all grown up but for now he is just a hair over 5 feet tall.

    2. He's taller than me! I'm five feet exactly, no hairs or even wishes over :(
      He looks so little in the photographs.

    3. He's very small compared to his older brothers who are all over 6 feet tall, except for the (VERY tiny for our family) Elf who is 5 ft 6. It's strange to go to the physician and hear he's a normal height. :)

  2. We've been doing some downsizing as well. I'm sure the recipients will be happy to get what you get rid of!

    1. I think so, too! Sometimes it is disheartening to see all the money we spent go bye-bye, but then again we got our use out of it and it is someone else's turn.


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